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Florida Master Regatta Series

Hosted by the Halifax Rowing Association

The purpose for the master regatta series is to encourage masters rowing at local regattas. Contact Christine Power to find out how you can help defray costs by providing a trophy sponsorship.

Series Point Total

Past series winners
2018 Point Totals
2017 Point Totals
Current series point totals are distributed via the FloridaMasters Yahoo email group. The most recent point tally can be found in the FloridaMasters Message Archive.

Last updated on Novemer 15, 2017.

Rules for Point Series Regattas

Section 1. Series Regattas.

Designated series regattas as listed on the FMRA regatta schedule shall be used by Florida teams to collect points. A regatta shall be designated as a series regatta by offering standard registration to a minimum of 5 master sweep event categories and 5 master sculling event categories from those listed in Section 2. Event Categories.

Section 2. Event Categories.

The boats entered in following events shall be eligible to earn points for team point awards.
Master Sweep Events (8 events)   Master Sculling Events (8 events)
Eights (8+) Men, Women and Mixed Quads (4x) Men, Women and Mixed
Fours (4+) Men, Women and Mixed Doubles (2x) Men, Women and Mixed
Pairs (2-) Men and Women Singles (1x) Men and Women

Section 3. Age, Experience Level, and Weight Sub-Categories.

Each masters age, experience level, and weight sub-category event awarded medals by a regatta shall be eligible to earn team points except as specified in the following sections.

Section 4. Points Table.

FMRA members have agreed to use a modified US Rowing Points System. The following table defines how points shall be awarded for all events. Designated series regattas shall complete a minimum of 10 masters event category races to be eligible to award points.
Place Formula M 8+
W 8+
M 4+, 4x
W 4+, 4x
Mixed (all)
8+, 4+, 4x, 2x
M 2x, 2-
W 2x, 2-
1st 100% 30.0 24.0 18.0 12.0 9.0
2nd 80% 24.0 19.2 14.4 9.6 7.2
3rd 60% 18.0 14.4 10.8 7.2 5.4
4th 45% 13.5 10.8 8.1 5.4 4.1
5th 30% 9.0 7.2 5.4 3.6 2.7
6th 15% 4.5 3.6 2.7 1.8 1.4

Section 5. Composite Crews.

Composite crews (rowers and/or coxswains from two or more teams in the same boat) shall not earn points.

Section 6. Minimum Event Entries.

All boats entered except composite crews shall earn points regardless of number of event entries.

Section 7. Team Point Trophies.

At the final regatta (generally the Daytona Beach Halifax Regatta held in July), overall team points trophies may be awarded to the team with most points combined, most points for sweep events, and most points for sculling events.

Section 8. Event Point Trophies.

At the final regatta (generally the Daytona Beach Halifax Regatta held in July), event points trophies may be awarded to individual boat categories.

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